Gnome Data Access

I’ve tried this out a bit, and while it looks exactly what I want, the execution seems very poor.  It’s buggy and unstable (or at least, the mergeant tool is).

  • If I start mergeant and try to add a datasource, I can’t type in any of the text fields in the dialog box.
  • I used copy and paste to create an ODBC data source linking to the working ODBC source I discussed earlier.  When I try to open it, mergeant segfaults.
  • If I select the already existing SQLLite source, and then press “Data Sources” I get an error saying that the gnome-database-properties program cannot be found.
  • I tried the command line and found gnome-database-properties-3.0.  I used this to create a FreeTDS data source, bypassing ODBC.  Joy of joys, it worked!
  • I tried to create a simple query in the main program against my database and mergeant segfaulted.

Overall, a pretty bad first impression.  It’s a shame, because the screenshots look great.  It probably works really well with mysql and sqllite!


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