I live in the UK and I’m 38 years old.  I am a freelance analyst/programmer working with Python and C#. I have experience of web development, GPS tracking, GPRS, satellite communications, machine control and machine vision, among other things.

I got my first  computer when I was about 8 which was a Sinclair ZX81.  Later I got a ZX Spectrum.  I played with BBC Model B microcomputers and also a lovely CBM 8032 while at junior school. 

In senior school I discovered the Acorn Archimedes, a very advanced RISC machine based on the ARM CPU with a fantastic desktop OS

I spent a lot of time getting to know and love that machine, before eventually getting my first job in a company that ran Windows.   Needless to say I hated it instantly, but it became the basis of my work for about 13 years and I became pretty good at it and even got to quite like it. On Windows, I coded in C, C++, VB6 and Delphi.  The latter was my favourite and I spent a lot of time in various Delphi forums expanding my knowledge and answering questions.

Since then I have learned web development with C# on ASP.NET in order to build a GPS tracking platform for my company at the time.

In 2006, I switched full time to Linux at home and work.  It was a trying and exasperating process sometimes, but I am totally in love with it now. Even now, I’m learning all the time, having fun and generally being excited about technology again in a way I had not been for many years when using Windows.

Around that time I started to use Python whenever I could, building some network infrastructure in it as well as using it for scores of scripts from a few lines to hundreds of lines. I like using bash, awk, sed, grep and the rest but sometimes only Python will do.

This blog is partly for my own record of things I make or find, partly to moan (everyone likes a good moan, right?) and generally to discuss or share things that interest me.


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