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Using LXDE or PCManFM? Desktop vanished?

Some changes in the most recent version may have caused your desktop icons and wallpaper to vanish. As the author notes here this is down to major changes going on behind the scenes.

To get get your desktop back, you need to run “pcmanfm –desktop”. To configure the settings which used to be in the Edit->Preferences menu, right-click on the desktop area and select Properties.

If you use openbox or similar, you’ll need to tick the option in there which causes the window manager’s menu to appear when the desktop is clicked. That then hides the pcmanfm desktop config! Luckily there’s an answer to that. Add an option to your WM menu (e.g. Openbox’s rc.xml) with an entry that calls “pcmanfm –desktop-pref”. This will allow you to edit the settings again.


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